Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Shadia Bseiso: It is a 'fantasy' to be the primary Arab female marked by the WWE

"Who doesn't know WWE?  I actually never thought that I actually would have possibility to work for them. Like a TELEVISION presenter and somebody who works in entertainments and has a passion for sport, and this is the fantasy job as I get to incorporate sports with entertainment. "

Perfect moment  for a first Arabic female in the WWE

"I feel like it is the perfect moment to have the first Arab female from the center East. The groundwork has been laid with the amazing talent in the WWE that is already there. Charlotte Style, Sasha Banks and Bayley starting the women's trend But in the larger picture, you also credit the London Olympics where every participating country experienced to send to a (female) athlete. To be able an Arab woman I managed to get to see world class feminine athletes on the TELEVISION initially, competing at the highest level. I feel like if I experienced the possibility to see that growing up, or if we had that growing up, maybe I would personally have been an athlete from the start. "

About the responsibility of becoming a pioneer for Arabic women

"I am absolutely honoured to be the first Arab female from the center East to be a part of the WWE. It is a honour but also a huge responsibility because you want areas to be proud. I have to work very hard as an sportsman and learn and perfect the art to do the region proud. very well

Who does she desires to work with in the WWE

"On the roster right now? Right now there are so many amazing talent there. I had fashioned the possibility to work with Stone Cold Sam Austin. This will have recently been amazing. Or perhaps theRock, the most electrifying performer, right.

"From the present roster it would be the Belissima twins, John Cena, Both roman Reigns. From the NXT roster I am looking forward to working with people like Bianca Belair, the enduring Duo (Billie Kay and Peyton Royce). You can see that we mostly mention the females and it is so cool to obtain so much female talent and great athletes. "